Rhs indoor plant pots

Rhs indoor plant pots

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The trend for greening up your home with indoor plants is still going strong, especially for city dwellers with limited or no outdoor space, and now the RHS hopes to reflect this rising interest with the newly-created House Plant Studios. We're told each studio will be decked out and styled by designers, giving you tons of plant inspiration for your home. Visitors will leave feeling knowledgeable about the benefits of indoor plants, from creating a healthy environment to boosting productivity in the workspace and learning about the best plants that thrive in bathrooms with high humidity. The Chelsea Flower Show will return from 19thrd May

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Gardeners Go Potty for Plant Pots

By Anna Cottrell published 25 SeptemberEco-friendly design played a big part in the top Chelsea Flower Show trends , and it's great to see the horticultural event leading the way on highlighting and celebrating gardening products that are getting the balance right between commercial appeal and a commitment to the planet.

Chelsea's top pick is the innovative Ocean Plastic Pot. It is exactly what it says — a pot that is made from ocean plastic, more specifically from discarded fishing nets and fishing rope. The attractive shades of blue and green are the natural colors of the fishing nets, and it's a happy coincidence that the plastic produced from them is so pretty.

Matching saucers are available for the pots in all three colors. These aren't the sort of pots you'll want to discard after raising your seedlings, either. Durable, reusable, and recyclable, they can be used indoors or outdoors, making them a great choice if you're keen to create a sustainable garden. We also hope that garden centres will adopt these pots instead of the regular, non-recyclable black plastic pots often sold with plug plants.

The runners-up were no less impressive and feature another product made from ocean plastic, the Dura Ocean garden chair by Distinctive. The stylish egg shape and bright mint color are sure to make it a bestseller, and each chair is made from 3. You can also get a matching bistro set in the same range. A special commendation goes to Dalefoot Composts , which took second place. Sourced entirely from UK materials, the compost range is the answer to the soon-to-banned peat-based composts that are bad for the environment.

Dalefoot make theirs from sheep's wool, comfrey, and bracken, and ship all over the UK. You can find out more about peat-free compost in our guide too. Other products awarded by the RHS include a plastic-free portable loo, impeccably made garden furniture, a robot lawn mower , and a stackable vertical gardening station.

The Chelsea Flower Show is making real steps towards making sustainability central to modern gardening, and the highlighting of environmentally-friendly products that are easy to purchase online will hopefully make them popular choices with the country's gardeners. Anna is a keen urban gardener, with David Austin roses and Japanese acers among her favourite plants. She moved into the world of interiors from academic research in the field of literature and urban space a couple of years ago.

She's always been interested in how people make houses into homes, and how our concepts of what's stylish change over time. How To Learn how to install a fence post like a professional with our easy step-by-step guide. Grow Your Own You'll love having the best herbs to grow indoors as part of your houseplant displays as well as having them to throw into your dishes. GardeningEtc is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

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The best indoor plants and how to care for them - according to gardening experts

The Royal Horticultural Society RHS has reported a significant rise in demand for plant pots as the nation continues to embrace gardening as many opt for a staycation this summer.Potting compost and plants with calming colours are also among the top picks for gardeners this summer following the reopening of RHS Plant Centres. With container planting offering a great solution to growing in smaller outdoor spaces, patios and balconies, pots enable gardeners to add a splash of colour and may reflect the increasing number taking up gardening and desire to enjoy their outdoor space during lockdown. You buy potting compost, pots, plants, bulbs - almost any type of plant can be grown in a container - and various sundries including fertiliser and it all works. No need to worry about digging or soil, manuring, feeding, weeding and so on, so it is perfect for those taking up gardening for the first time.

Variegated or red houseplants are also predicted to overtake sales of green-leafed plants, such as the RHS Chelsea awards thrid-place winner.

Ikea house plants are top of the pots at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Introducing the new Van Hage Collection! A range of beautiful home furnishings to create the perfect interior. Style, luxury and quality await. We've created a contemporary food hall environment at our Great Amwell store with a traditional farmers' market style, featuring a fresh meat counter, bakery, delicatessen and a wide range of products from British and artisan producers. Choosing the right Christmas Tree is an exciting part of the Christmas festivities and this year at Van Hage we have 13 'families' to choose from. Click here to see our quick video guide on choosing the right tree for you. Featured here are some of our most popular. Find out more about choosing and setting up your perfect Christmas tree by watching our how-to-guides! Return To Shop.

Patio tube bunbury

Search Search. Menu Sections. T he charity has drawn up its predictions for what will be popular next year based on gardener inquiries and views from experts. Among the expected trends are a taste for more confident colours such as reds, oranges and purples, with plants such as crocosmia, salvia, canna and varieties of echinacea expected to prove popular.

As we celebrate our 45th year of flowerpot making we would like to say Thank You for choosing to support British craftsmanship.

Garden calendar planner

Search Products:. Garden calendar planner. Plan the perfect garden with this comprehensive free gardening planner template. Use our free printable planner pages to create your DIY planner. Many local garden centers are offering more than one garlic variety; these will be available in September.

Indoor Plant Pots & Vases

Cultivating an indoor plant is thought to have positive effects on mental health and wellbeing, and a snap of a succulent is a sure way to get some Instagram likes. But just how green are your fingers? From cutting down on "plant miles" to reusing plastic pots, British gardeners, botanists and environmental campaigners have shared ways to keep your horticultural hobby sustainable. The trend has been attributed to eco-friendly, health-conscious millennials who want to bring the great outdoors into their inner-city flats and nurture something "real" in an increasingly virtual world. About four in five 16 to year-olds own at least one houseplant and a fifth of owners bought them to boost their health and wellbeing, a RHS survey suggests.

RHS Hampton Court plants now available from Hemel Food Garden We have a small selection of indoor plants available from our Greenhouse.

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We have a select range of plants now available at Hemel Food Garden. Open Monday to Saturday, 10 until 3pm. Please adhere to all the guidelines to make your visit as safe as possible for everyone. We have limited parking available please queue with the recommended 2m distancing next to the shop. The farm shop is open with a one way system and new entrance. Please wear a facemask and limit to 4 customers in the shop at any one time.

In strong galvanized steel with a tough powder coating, this handy watering can is just the thing for indoor gardening. Orders are despatched promptly by post or parcel carrier.

Award winning urban garden centre N1 will be showcasing its trend-led houseplants, pots, and accessories at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show as part of the first Houseplant Studio space. Chosen alongside a select group of innovative garden centres from across the UK, N1 will be part of the first RHS Chelsea Flower Show to take part in September since and taking inspiration from the autumn timings the design will be inspired by the changing colours of the season.The installation will showcase a vision for plants as an integral feature of the home and demonstrate how indoor plants and signals from nature can combine to produce inspirational statements reflected inside the home. Comfort and warmth will be evoked using natural, sustainable materials mixed with lush, soft foliage, colourful fruits, and vibrant, variegated plants. As the last 18 months have seen a boom in houseplant sales, Paul Holt is looking to inspire newcomers and plant enthusiasts to create exciting displays that will update interiors for autumn with quick and easy fixes. The brand new N1 online store will also be launching at the end of September, to coincide with Chelsea, bringing shoppers across the UK beautiful products to add a new injection of life and style into the home, including an exclusive collection of products not available in store, as well as styling inspiration and plant care tips. If you want to keep abreast of all the latest news, views and features by receiving our weekly newsletter, fill in your details below!

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