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Scott hudson valley landscape design

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Natural Stone from around the world. Learn More. A family-run company since its conception in , E. Jansen Nursery has grown into the premier landscape distributor in the Orange County and North Jersey region. Offering the highest quality inventory both in hardscape materials and greenery, every customer is presented with maximum choose and customization.

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  • “The Nonstop Garden”, “Gardens of the Hudson Valley”, and “Designer Plant Combinations”

Fellows and Visiting Scholars in Garden and Landscape Studies

The Ecological Landscape Alliance ELA Find an Eco-Pro is a tool to connect property owners with landscape professionals who promote ecological and sustainable landscape practices. This membership list may not be used for any other solicitation.

Just start typing in the searchbox below or narrow results by States or Services. Designer, Educator, Green Infrastructure Contractor, Landscape Contractor Other Primary Business: I practice ecological landscape design, with an emphasis on healing native plant communities, creating pollinator-friendly habitats and managing invasive plant species, while serving the needs of each client.

This is a challenge I welcome and meet. Ecological Restoration, Designer, Maintenance Provider Other Primary Business: Full service landscape and garden design, installation, and maintenance company that focuses on resiliancy and sustainability.

Wastewater, stormwater and fertilizers are threats to water quality, therefore various APCC's initiatives promote chemical-free yard care and green infrastructure applications while working with Cape communities to address wastewater management on Cape Cod. A Better Way to serve our customer, the environment and our team. It is through our Better Way landscape solutions that we are providing healthier landscapes for a healthier future. We offer sustainable alternatives to traditional lawn and landscape maintenance services, along with sustainable design and construction services, to include; conservation plantings, permeable paving, LED landscape lighting, rain garden, bioswale, meadow and buffer plantings, wildlife and pollinator gardens and more!

Contact us about an ecological garden tour! Permaculture design certified. Native pollinator habitat design, installation and care. Most plants as seed grown in the ground or in containers under naturally harsh conditions using Organic Practices not Certified.

Educator Other Primary Business: Non-profit c 3 organization. Designer, Educator Other Primary Business: I work with clients who want to understand how their yard functions within itself as well as within the larger ecosystem. I teach clients about plant placement and care, lawn alternatives, proper pruning and mulching, and organic control of pests and diseases.

I focus on native plants and natural environments. Educator Other Primary Business: Eco-friendly garden coach teaching and working with homeowners to landscape more sustainably. Speaker on pollinators, ecological and edible landscaping. BA in Landscape Architecture, Univ.

Soil health, proper placement of plants, live mulch, attracting pollinators and wildlife, edible landscapes, proper irrigation, lawn alternatives, integration of native plants, harvesting water on site, erosion control, proper pruning, and organic based pest and disease control. I am then partnering with land trusts, cities and towns, schools and colleges, state and federal agencies, tribal groups, organic farms and others to plant plants from my nursery in appropriate places on their properties.

I have initiated over two dozen such projects in the past five years. BTW, I do not charge for my plants or my time working on these projects. What I have been doing, with groups interested in partnering with me, is to walk land trust and other properties, to see what plants are already there, and then make up a list of edible native species that, while not already on the property, should do well if planted on that property.

SITES certification.Edibles, Fine Gardening, Invasives Removal, Native Plants, Permaculture, Pollinators, Soil, Stormwater Other Specialties: My extensive knowledge of and networking in the artist community affords me the opportunity to seamlessly integrate outdoor art pieces into my landscape designs.

Over 7, acres mowed without gas, avoiding 7 Million auto-mile equivalent emissions. Over Metric Tons of air pollution avoided annually. Occasionally we still use push reels, with Reel2Reel push gang kits designed and built in house. MowGreen lawn care services conform to our belief that sustainability and care for the planet are keys to living well. Other Primary Business: Environmental Consulting including wetland restoration, permitting, and ecological research. Hazardous waste services.

Invasive species management. Renewable energy services. I grow and garden with many native species. Other Primary Business: Stormwater management practices design and inspections. Ecological Restoration, Designer Other Primary Business: Environmental Horticulturist specializing in ecological landscapes and native plants.

Active speaker on many ecological gardening topics. Creating and promoting biodiversity and beauty through sustainable practices in residential, small commercial properties, and schoolyards.

This certificate is given to folks who complete the 20 hours of Master Gardener coursework, but do not have time to complete the volunteer component of the program. Designer, Educator, Landscape Architect Other Primary Business: Need a rain garden to solve storm water problems at your home, civic landscape, or business? I specialize in beautiful and functional "pocket rain gardens" using native plants. I also lecture to selected programs on native plants, and on rain gardens.

Designer, Educator, Landscape Architect Other Primary Business: HighMark Land Design, is a Planning and Landscape Architecture firm collaborating with public and private clients to create living environments that are humanistically and environmentally balanced. Highmark Land Design , is known for its creative and technical abilities, collaborative spirit and long term commitment to sustainable homes, schools and communities.

Heather also holds a landscape architecture license in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We grow many natives and focus on plants to solve specific site problems such as deer, shade and moist or dry sites. We are open all year for pick ups and deliveries and we encourage you to visit the nursery to discover new plant varieties.

Featuring many natives which can be easily found by using the Advanced Search feature on our website. We offer the ability to contract grow or source plant material for specific job needs.

LA CES approved provider. He is certified through the British Walling Association and is a certified instructor. Designer Other Primary Business: An independent landscape design and consulting company, specializing in custom designs and consultations for landscapes that honor local and regional nature, character, and ecology.

Design, consulting, master planning, with a focus on ecological practices. Clients pay us for our time and expertise in helping them create their outdoor spaces, whether it is a simple perennial border 2 hour consultation or a multi-year hardscape master plan installation. In turn we are your advocates and provide objective, realistic advice fine tuned for your budget and goals. Since you are paying us for our time we can take that time and create something special and unique to your home or business.

We can provide scaled CAD drawings, plant portfolios, 3D software models, and any other relevant information required for your particular project. Ecological Restoration, Edibles, Fine Gardening, Native Plants, Pollinators, Soil Other Specialties: When we create Moodscapes, we are establishing an environment that encourages you to connect with nature in the most positive way possible.

While one of our goals is to create ecologically friendly spaces, one thing we take great pride in is how those spaces make you feel when you are alone or with family, friends, and neighbors. We believe that landscapes are not just places where you do things, but places that also provide the opportunity for people to leave their everyday worries and improve their mood.

Whether you need a space for healing, relaxing or joy, we will work with you to achieve that goal. Designer, Landscape Contractor, Maintenance Provider Other Primary Business: Rie works as an Ecological Field Technician for Parterre Ecological where they remove and manage invasive species, install and maintain native and low maintenance solutions, maintain green infrastructure systems, and restore native landscapes.

Rie's work includes projects related to urban agriculture, food security, natural hazard mitigation, climate change adaptation, sustainable transportation, and sustainable urban design. Other Primary Business: In her constant, undying pursuit of all things garden-related, Tovah gets her hands dirty both outside and indoors.

Tovah has also ventured into web content writing, follow her blog at www. Designer, Maintenance Provider Other Primary Business: Founded in , Land Stewards is an ecological based landscape company which gains insight and inspiration from nature. Our aim is to create beautiful landscapes that are dynamic, experiential and functional and are respectful to and reflective of place.

Ecological Restoration, Fine Gardening, Native Plants, Parks, Play Spaces, Pollinators Other Specialties: Online events and conferences, graphic design mapping, digital and hand renderings, ideograms, and infographics , and project management.

Designer, Landscape Contractor, Maintenance Provider Other Primary Business: Environmentally sensitive land-care services including lawn fertility and pest management, native grass and wildflower meadows, woodland gardens, invasive-plant control, dry stone work, fruit-tree care.

Native plant specialist, pollinator and wildlife designs. Designer, Landscape Contractor, Maintenance Provider Other Primary Business: Terrascapes is a full-service landscape design and build firm that creates gardens inspired by natural beauty and a sense of meaning. Our goal is to design landscapes and gardens that reflect unique lifestyles and balance busy schedules with outdoor enjoyment.

Using the elements of design with plants, stone, water, and light, we fashion places to enjoy, incorporating sustainable garden philosophies. We also offer organic fine gardening and garden education to residential clients in Boston and surrounding areas including Brookline, Newton, Needham, Wellesley, Dover, Westwood, Natick and other nearby suburban cities and towns. We utilize principles of sustainable site design, landscape ecology and cultural landscape preservation to create projects that preserve and enhance historic and cultural landscape patterns, conserve natural resources and minimize impacts to the environment.

Our approach provides clients with projects that are sustainable and that maintain and enhance the unique character of the site. In addition, our work in community outreach and public participation has assisted community groups in arriving at consensus on a shared project vision. Our firm portfolio includes commercial and residential design, master planning and site design for academic institutions and municipal facilities, land use planning, greenway and trail projects, streetscape enhancement projects, park and recreational master planning and design, ecological landscape design, historic landscape preservation and wetland mitigation and restoration projects.

Coastal Zone Management, Ecological Restoration, Invasives Removal, Parks, Permitting, Play Spaces, Pollinators, Stormwater Other Specialties: Elena's experience includes residential, industrial and commercial projects, streetscapes, municipal and community enhancement projects, trails and greenways, park and recreational design and planning, institutional and academic campus planning, cultural landscape preservation and ecological mitigation and restoration work.

She also writes technical articles for Architectural Record Continuing Education on topics addressing sustainable design in landscape architecture.

Her work in cultural and historic landscapes includes Cultural Landscape Reports and Section evaluations. Designer, Hardscape Installer, Landscape Contractor Other Primary Business: Landscape Design and installation services drawing from multiple disciplines creating living, functional and aesthetic areas.

Designer, Educator Other Primary Business: landscape designer, educator and writer. Other Certifications: M. Other Primary Business: Publication serving gardeners and land care professionals in the Northeast. Other Certifications: Masters cert. Bill Cullina. Specializing in designing with beautiful and ecologically-beneficial native plants. Designer, Educator Other Primary Business: I provide backyard chicken coop consultation, including coop design, flock planning, health consultation, and more!

We are woman owned, WBE business. Designer Other Primary Business: Landscape design for homes and small spaces. Invite pollinators and wild birds into your land with biodiverse gardens, edible plants, and 3-season flower displays.

Coastal Zone Management, Ecological Restoration, Lawn Care, Permaculture, Pollinators, Soil Other Specialties: I specialize in brewing bacterial or fungal compost tea recipes and also offer soil analysis and amendment services. NOFA Accredited.Designer, Maintenance Provider Other Primary Business: Sustainable garden design, natural outdoor play spaces for children, organic vegetable gardens, coaching in fine gardening skills.

With over 30 years of experience on diverse projects throughout the eastern U.

County nursery

When designer Kathryn Scott first set eyes on this sq ft house situated on a hilltop in Dutchess County back in , she knew it was the perfect fit as a second home for herself and her husband, contemporary artist Wenda Gu. The home had the look of a turn-of-the-century carriage house, but was actually just two years old. Scott — whose business, Kathryn Scott Design Studio, is based in Brooklyn — had always wanted to live in a 17th- or 18th-century historic house, but her husband wanted a newer home because it required less maintenance. Instead of fixing an old house, we were trying to recreate one. When they moved in, they wanted to give their new home more charm and character to match the carriage house it was built to look like. Details bother me as well as inspire me. I am constantly thinking about the interior and how it could be better.

Terrain was hired as the landscape architect for a new, luxury residential tower adjacent to Hudson Yards in The project includes a public.

Hudson Valley Community College Building Opens + Photo Shoot

Zimmer Gardens is a boutique garden design company specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of small gardens and property styling with maximum impact. Kept deliberately small and ultra-responsive, Zimmer Gardens is recognized as one of the Hudson Valley's most creative garden design companies. Informed by classical proportions, current design trends and a passion for the colors, textures and forms nature provides, Zimmer Gardens will enhance your home, storefront or event with beauty and style. With over 20 years experience in architecture, fine art and gardening, Scott is an artist working in the garden. Since launching Zimmer Gardens in , Scott Zimmer has crafted extraordinary container plantings, distinguished residential landscapes and inspiring business storefronts in Manhattan, the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. Scott has received rave reviews for his inspiring garden presentations for numerous garden clubs and garden centers. Before Zimmer Gardens, Scott worked in architectural restoration firms in NY and as a Master Ceramicist, receiving national recognition for his garden-inspired ceramic work. Front Door Fix.

Hudson Valley Heritage Sites During Covid-19

There can be no doubt that there has been an utter transformation of the property. The pool is beautifully integrated into its surroundings. The changes to the approach to the house were dramatic as well, and hard for us to visualize in the abstract, but we are very happy with the end result. Finally, and importantly, the members of your staff have always been friendly and polite, and eager to address any small questions or problems that we bring up with them. Not only do we get a person as opposed to an answering machine when we call your office, we get Barbara -ever cheerful, always diligent and wonderfully easy-going.

The Ecological Landscape Alliance ELA Find an Eco-Pro is a tool to connect property owners with landscape professionals who promote ecological and sustainable landscape practices.

Scott Bassett

Oriented in relation to the rolling hills of its site and views of surrounding mountain ranges, the house is conceived as two elongated volumes — a smaller one sleeved into a larger — sitting on a cast-in-place concrete base. Sleeving the two volumes creates two distinct types of interior space: first, between the inner and outer volumes, and second within the inner volume. More public spaces of the domestic sphere are in between the inner and outer volumes; they are the spaces remaining in the outer volume after the inner has been inserted into it. They include a dramatic entry gallery, a narrow vertical slot for the stairs, and a high ceilinged living space with a sloping wall of glass. These spaces are on a grand scale and they are finished with exposed concrete and charred wood, which run continuously in from the exterior. The interior of the inner volume contains private spaces of the house — bedrooms, bathroom and a study.

Hudson Valley Hotel Scene, Act 2

Alan M. Berger is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he teaches courses open to the entire student body. He is founding director of MIT's P-REX lab , a research lab focused on environmental problems caused by urbanization, including the design, remediation, and reuse of waste landscapes worldwide.All of his research, teaching, and practice emphasize the links between urbanization and the loss of natural resources and growth of waste, to help us better understand how to proceed with redesigning intelligent outcomes. Unlike conventional practice, there are no scalar limits in his outlook or pedagogy: Projects are defined by the extent of the urban and environmental problems being addressed. Berger's award-winning anthology Infinite Suburbia with Joel Kotkin, Celina Balderas Guzman presents the global suburban expansion through the research of its 74 authors, and the coeditors' own perspectives and work. Skip to main content. Primary tabs View active tab Publications.

Scott Geiger is the Architecture Editor for The Common. We were back in the Hudson Valley, in the marvelous town of Beacon, to make some images of a new.

Hudson River School

The five recipients, who represent communities throughout the Valley, will work this summer with prominent community nonprofits. OSI established the McHenry Awards in to honor the extensive contributions of its Trustee Barnabas McHenry, a renowned environmental philanthropist and conservationist. Funded by an endowment raised by OSI, the awards go to graduate and undergraduate students pursuing research, leadership and community involvement in the Hudson Valley.

“The Nonstop Garden”, “Gardens of the Hudson Valley”, and “Designer Plant Combinations”

Do you have an existing account with us? If so, register here for access to online shopping, pricing, order history and other retailer sales tools. Interested in becoming a wholesale customer? Please fill out the below contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly! Please select a customer from the drop down to order on their behalf.

Greenway staff are working remotely and are available via email. Scott Keller, Executive Director: scott.


Hunter tree farm. Take a moment and learn more about our tree selection and transplanting Hunter bubblers and bubbler nozzles are pressure-compensating to maintain a constant output of water regardless of the input pressure. Features: Pre-lit. Don't worry about money, it'll come soon or enough. Standing with Hunter Biden is his wife, Melissa Cohen. State Farm Insurance.

The new Science Center, supported by Rensselaer County and the State of New York, helps Hudson Valley serve as a bridge between companies seeking skilled employees and those seeking training and employment. The form and materials of the building are designed to be sympathetic to the HVCC campus, which includes an intriguing collection of modern buildings connected by a series of lively open green spaces at various elevations. Following the ceremonial opening, Warren Jagger photographed the building, capturing all the details of the building — big and small.

Watch the video: Hudson Valley Landscape Design Inc (June 2022).


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