Tree with fruit that looks like blueberries

Tree with fruit that looks like blueberries

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Tree with fruit that looks like blueberries are probably the favorite food of my partner. She loves having a fruit bowl at the dinner table, especially with friends, who seem to ask us about our favorite fruits over and over again.

Last week when I was in California for a conference, I couldn’t help myself when I found these organic blueberries at Costco. One in particular caught my eye because of the pretty brown “berries” and the bright green leaves.

We had blueberries on the table for a quick but fun and healthy dinner. By the time we were done, blueberries were a little “sugary”, just like my partner! So this week, I decided to make something with blueberries and I found some delicious recipes, including the Coconut Blueberry Quinoa Salad from The Fresh Go recipe!

She is the Executive Editor of The Fresh Go and a certified Kripalu yogini. She enjoys creating recipes inspired by her favorite food trucks, the farmers’ market, and a commitment to living food that puts love into every bite. She writes to encourage anyone in their kitchen to connect with a love of food and travel.

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Kacie is the Executive Editor of The Fresh Go. She is a certified Kripalu Yogini and teaches yoga. Kacie was named a Food and Wellness Expert by FitFluential Magazine in January of 2014. She has a degree in Food Business Management and Nutrition from Miami University of Ohio. When Kacie is not creating new recipes, she loves to travel. Kacie lives in Cincinnati with her partner in crime, Chase, and their Shih Tzu, Biscuit.


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