Fruit trees and their scientific name

Fruit trees and their scientific name

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Fruit trees and their scientific name are associated with many beautiful fruit/mango trees.

The general purpose of this invention is to provide a feeder for free-standing trees which allows feeding of the tree in an aesthetically pleasing manner. In particular, this invention provides a feeder or feeder structure which is uniquely adapted to each fruit tree and allows feeding and feeding of the fruit tree during its most productive growth stage.

The invention relates to the fruit trees and more particularly to a feeder for fruit trees which provides one or more feeder receptacles at ground level to which fruit from trees is periodically dumped. Each feeder comprises a means for fixing the feeder to the tree and a means for filling the feeder with fruit. In a typical embodiment the feeder is cup shaped, having one or more ends at or near ground level, and comprises a cover and a fruit receptacle. In a first embodiment, the feeder is semi-circular in cross section and comprises an open top with a substantially circular cover or an open end of the cup shaped receptacle is open. In a second embodiment, the feeder is shaped like a round or oval pear and comprises a bottom with a circular receptacle. The cover of the feeder is preferably mounted so as to form an opening in the cover sufficient to allow apples to be easily inserted into the receptacle. A lid is then removably mounted on the open end of the feeder to seal the opening and to prevent spillage. The feeder is preferably molded of plastic or has an injection molded shape and comprises any other generally non-porous material which provides adequate structural strength to support the cup shape.

In each embodiment, the feeder preferably comprises a fruit receptacle and a cover for the fruit receptacle which is removably mounted on the feeder by any suitable means. In particular, the cover preferably comprises one or more holes or apertures which are sized and shaped to closely receive a plastic fastener used to removably mount the cover on the feeder. The cover is preferably removably mounted on the cup shaped fruit receptacle by a plastic fastener such as a tabbed insert. In a particular embodiment, the receptacle is mounted in the feeder by a plastic snap fastener.

In both embodiments, the feeder may optionally comprise an annular ring which is fitted to the inner or the outer edge of the receptacle. A water-resistant mat or a stiff substrate of a suitable diameter and shape is preferably mounted on the upper surface of the receptacle to further enhance retention of the fruit on the receptacle. The cover may have a bottom wall which is removably mounted to the upper surface of the receptacle by a plastic fastener such as a tabbed insert. Alternatively, the bottom wall of the cover is removably mounted to the upper surface of the receptacle by means of a plastic snap fastener. The preferred top cover comprises a circular hole with a skirt or apertured area for holding and supporting the fruit as it falls to the ground.

In a particular embodiment, the feeder is substantially spherical or dish shaped and comprises a bottom and a cover or receptacle. The bottom and cover or receptacle may comprise any suitable material. Preferably, the bottom and cover or receptacle comprise an injection molded or extruded plastic material. The cover or receptacle preferably has an open top and is designed to contain and hold apples.

This invention is described in greater detail below.


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