Mysterious landscape

Mysterious landscape

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We woke up again at 6 a. This camp was much colder than the previous one. Martin got frozen last night and could not sleep enough. I woke up with cold feet. All tents and grass were covered with ice.

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Wallpaper The Mysterious Landscape

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Illustrative c. Illustrative Design of Fountain and Figures c. Landscape, Scottish Mountains. Landscape and Sky. Red Sky. Landscape and Sunset. Scottish River and Trees. Tree Reflections. Landscape and Patterned Sky. Art UK's collection of oil paintings by Sidney Herbert Sime only scratches the surface of what is a rich oeuvre of over caricatures, landscapes, portraits, drawings and illustrations held at Worplesdon Hall's Sidney H.

Sime Art Gallery. Sidney Herbert Sime's art on display in the gallery. As I had worked as Senior Editor on the Public Catalogue Foundation's oil paintings cataloguing project, I had first approached the artist from the perspective of that medium. Sime's oil works are mainly landscapes in warm muted tones, devoid of people, interspersed with fantastical scenes that are more recognisable as the illustrator's imaginative work.

My job involved checking artwork records, which often meant reading through pages and pages of information about landscapes, yet there was something about Sime's views that grabbed my attention.

His softly dark forests under pink clouds were calming and quiet, yet had an overlay of something odd: a peculiar feature. Intrigued, I began to research Sime and in was pleased to read a great article by Gallery Trustee, Mary Broughton.

Self PortraitSime spent years of his young life as a pit boy, scratching demons and imps on the pit walls to amuse himself. His artistic career started through sign painting and, after enrolling at the Liverpool School of Art, he gained awards and established himself as an artist, most famously the illustrator of Lord Dunsany's fantasy literature.

Sime also painted Scottish landscapes and theatre scenery. From his home in Worplesdon with his wife Mary, Sime continued to paint into middle age, interrupted by the First World War. In his 50s, the artist served as part of the Army Service Corps until he developed an ulcer. Mrs Mary SimeIn later life Sime reputedly became more and more eccentric, obsessing over the Book of Revelation and painting apocalyptic visions.

Desmond Coke said he had 'contempt for fame': the isolated Sime lived apart from the collaborative and consciously critical post-First World War art scene of the capital. One can see a different mood in his work after the war, more illustrative, delving deeper into fantasy. Ultimately Sime's lasting legacy is a large and mysterious oeuvre, donated by his widow to the Gallery at Worplesdon.

Though diverse, his caricature, fantasy and landscape work is united by an elegant line, and also frequently an intense attention to detail, featuring otherworldly figures and motifs. Lovecraft referenced Sime as a painter who can capture the 'beyond real', and fantasy artist Roger Dean — famous for his covers for the progressive-rock band Yes — also cites Sime as an influence. Becoming more and more interested in the eccentric artist, I began to create my own obsession with a particular element of Sime's work.

Viewing the artworks in the database one after the other, I began to notice patterns and shapes hidden among the brushworks Jagged, zigzag lines. What were they? Was the digital photograph corrupted? Patterned Hills. At closer inspection, I could see actual lines were painted over the landscapes, outlining clouds and trees.

Did Sime paint these lines over his paintings because he saw shapes in the sky, trees and water? The 'patterned' works are undated, and titles given by curators: I wondered, did Sime paint these in his eccentric later life, at the time when he was obsessing over the Vision of Saint John the Divine and the Apocalypse?

Would it be too farfetched to wonder if the paintings communicated Sime's glimpse of a 'divine order' in nature? I got a strange feeling looking at the digital image of Waves , which conveyed movement in hypnotic swirling colours.

I started to see the lines in more of his pictures, even hints of blocky brushstrokes in the dress of the Figure of Lady in White. Figure of Lady in White. Was I getting carried away, seeking the mysterious? The thought nagged at me whenever I came across the artist, and so I travelled to Worplesdon to take a closer look at the collection.

The Sidney H. Worplesdon seems a quiet Surrey parish, imposing houses and hotels lining the main road with tall fir trees in the gardens. Sime's art on display at Worplesdon Hall.

Mary Broughton introduced me to the Gallery, a cosy space that has remained largely unchanged for decades, filled with Sime's work. I was pleased to spot familiar paintings from Art UK lining the walls. Sime's sketchbook. The archives contain many sketchbooks and folders, and looking through them I noticed scraps of familiar imagery, with patterns and scenes repeating in different pictures.

Mary and I discussed Sime, his progression from pit boy to painter, and his works' inward quality. I explained my fascination with the 'lines' in the landscapes. In Mary's article, she mentioned mosaics: were the patterns simply plans for mosaics and not the 'divine vision' I fancifully imagined?

We looked at two small mosaic works in the gallery, made of tiny coloured squares, yet I thought the landscape lines to be more rectangular.

Although most individual works are undated , we can gather that Sime painted the landscape scenes after moving to Perthshire inHaving visited the countryside in that region, Mary explained the area has a rich folklore history, with 'fairy walks' and stories permeating the local landscape. This fits nicely with Sime's interest in the 'beyond real' — I can imagine the playful mystical aspect of his work bleeding into his scenes of Scottish forests, locally thought to be haunted by imps and demons.

Focusing on select works, I can create my own theory: an imagined timeline of the progression from reality into fantasy, or vice versa. Some paintings show rosy sunsets over trees, cool mountains undulating into the distance, painted in simple daubs of colour yet predominantly standard.

However in some landscapes, the 'lines' start to creep in: I can imagine Sime finishing a landscape, such as Dark Pine Trees , then afterwards adding the rough blocks around the shapes he had painted, perhaps even then reworking the colours back into the lines. Dark Pine Trees. There are a whole set of mosaic-like landscapes where the dark outlines dominate the picture, perhaps even having provided the start of the painting process to be filled in afterwards. I would concede the patterned works are likely mosaic plans, if it weren't for one painting in particular that seems to show a link between Sime's real and fantasy worlds.

This painting, coincidentally, gave me another surprise when visiting the Gallery: Trees and Imps titled by the collection. Trees and Imps. Here, the blocky, rectangular lines morph into something tangible: strange dancing figures, with limbs and fingers cartwheeling through the trees. The figures fit alongside Sime's fantasy illustrations and even perhaps evoke his childhood pit sketches. When I saw this painting on the wall, the stab of recognition gave over to one of confusion — Art UK had photographed it upside-down!

Having looked intensely at the picture the wrong way up on the database, I had assumed the figures, or 'imps', were hiding in the trees, but on the gallery wall it was clear that the pink cloud was the sky, and the figures on the ground. The imps had played a trick on me. Yet had they also provided the link between the lines and the landscapes, the real and the unreal?

Woods and Dark Animals c. Again, I was back to subjective speculation: trying to place Sime as an outsider, a mystic seer in the English folk tradition. I wanted to include Sime with the Neo-Romantic artists, along with Blake and later Nash, their work a visionary and emotional response to the English landscape threatened by invasion during the war.

Yet this is just one personal interpretation. Mary and I considered that in this case, interpretation is appropriate — Sime liked mystery, and above all, had a sense of humour. He might have liked that we were talking about him and making up our own stories.I haven't solved the mystery of the lines in the sky, but the Gallery in Worplesdon remains, full of secrets, waiting for curious people to come and make up their own minds. New stories, newly added artworks and shop offers delivered straight to your inbox every week.

Created with Sketch. About Discover Learn Support us. Main menu Close. Sign in Register. Email address. Remember me uncheck on a public computer. First name. Sign up to the Art UK newsletter. Sidney Herbert Sime: an artist with an inherent bent towards mystery.

Inner and outer worlds: Roger Cardinal — The cinematic and artistic genius of Ray Harryhausen. In search of the stars: finding science fiction in art.

Stock Illustration: Mysterious landscape 5

Get the latest news, reviews, and commentary delivered directly to your inbox. Become a Member ». Segers was from the newly formed Dutch Republic, where the popularity of landscape was growing. The emphasis of his contemporaries was on extracting plainspoken beauty from familiar Dutch topography, such as damp riverine scenes or clusters of cottages. Despite the oddity of his prints, Segers seems to have made a reasonable business for himself; records mined from archives show him owning houses and taking wives.

Column: Mysterious mustang roams barren landscape of White Mountains. Campito is most often seen in the sagebrush flats around Campito.

Day 4. Mysterious landscapes

Nature photography competition. Although our competition is now closed, check back soon to find out who has captured the astonishing moments of beauty we'll use to create our Inspiring Nature CalendarEntry is permitted by anyone 18 years of age or older, with the exception of employees of the World Nature Photography Awards WNPA and their organisers. There are 29 categories that cover all aspects of photography and it is judged by some of the most esteemed Fellow, Master and Grand Master photographers in the UK and across the Incredible wildlife moments captured on film by photography contest winners. They appreciate every approach to portraiture, as long as it is executed in an imaginative and refined way. The topic is Beauty of Nature and images are welcome from anything in the natural world and the wonderful wildlife that we share this planet with. Nearly every step in human history has unfortunately been accompanied by a leap in environmental Enter our annual competition for the chance to win some fantastic prizes and be crowned Amateur Photographer of the YearSubmission Rules.

“Sogata Vessel with Mysterious Landscape”

Mysterious Landscape for prerecorded natural sounds, synthesizer and digital delay system by Robert Morris Program Notes. Mysterious Landscape is an improvisational electro-acoustic piece lasting about 30 minutes to be played by one or two performers. It complements my desire to connect music with nature as in my outdoor pieces. Here the sounds and processes of nature are brought into the concert hall so that natural sounds--birds, insects, frogs, mammals, wind, and water--are mixed together with computer-generated sounds to project a serene sonic environment that reflects on a peaceful relation of humans to nature. The piece is played on a laptop computer, whose output is amplified by a stereo sound system in the performance space.

Welcome to the world of art and beauty! Bring Charm and Personality in Your Home!

A first in Virginia: Portsmouth high school students earn ‘green’ landscaping certificate

Earth is full of bizarre landscapes. Some are land formations moulded over thousands of years, while others are human-made creations that have altered the planet in strange ways. From the bubbling lava lakes of Ethiopia, to a lake that has been nestled in the desert for 2, years, here are 29 landscapes that are so incredible, it's hard to believe they're real. Near the city of Torrevieja in Spain lie two salty and very pink lakes called Las Salinas de Torrevieja. The colour is said to be caused by algae that releases a red pigment under certain conditions.

HD mysterious landscape wallpapers

Paintings,Vaida Varnagiene. Mysterious landscape. Dmytro Danylov. Morning Mysterious Himalaya - Watercolor Paintng. Paintings, 22 W x 11 H x 1 D in.

The Mysterious Landscapes of Heat-Scorched Britain · NORWICH, England — The past few months in the British Isles have been turbulent ones.

Mystic mysterious landscape skeleton character vector image

The Martian blueberries, red spot on Jupiter, Moon rocks…. Here list of 10 most strangest and beautiful landscapes in the world. All the strange looking landscapes in this world is a result of continuous natural erosion, have millions of years of age.

The Mysterious Landscapes of Heat-Scorched Britain

RELATED VIDEO: Mysterious Landscape

A high quality horizontal seamless background with forest. Woodland path. Ghostly forest trail, watercolor illustration.Old trees, enchanted forest, into the woods. Halloween background.

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Landscape with the Fall of Icarus is a painting in oil on canvas measuringIt was long thought to be by the leading painter of Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting , Pieter Bruegel the Elder. However, following technical examinations in of the painting hanging in the Brussels museum, that attribution is regarded as very doubtful, and the painting, perhaps painted in the s, is now usually seen as a good early copy by an unknown artist of Bruegel's lost original, perhaps from aboutAccording to the museum: "It is doubtful the execution is by Bruegel the Elder, but the composition can be said with certainty to be his", [1] [2] although recent technical research has re-opened the question. Largely derived from Ovid , the painting is described in W. In Greek mythology , Icarus succeeded in flying, with wings made by his father Daedalus , using feathers secured with beeswax.

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