St petersburg landscaping

St petersburg landscaping

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We make your neighbors green with envy! Get the most out of your property with our wide selection of landscaping services. We know how to bring the life back into it! Our comprehensive lawn services help.

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  • The Trees of Tavrichesky Garden: Forgotten Actors in the Politics of Cultural Landscape
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  • Landscapers in Saint Petersburg, FL
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Landscaping Tampa St. Pete Area

In the backyard, there are high climbing purple passion vines hanging between the house and shed like a leafy tightrope and thick sprays of cranberry hibiscus, red and yellow wildflowers, and overgrown Oxalis, a weed that resembles shamrock.

There is no grass, no sprinkler and no lawn maintenance service. Every plant in the front yard is native to Florida and every plant in the backyard is edible, including the kiwi berries, sweet Jamaican cherries, fig, mango, and guava trees.

Unlike the formal landscapes that front many high-dollar homes in Tampa Bay, this yard feels as indigenous and lived-in as a nature preserve. In recent years, gardening has helped bring together a number of Crescent Lake residents.

When self-taught gardener Linda Bisgeier moved to St. Now she meets every Monday morning with her neighbor from across the street, Carla Gregory, to play in the dirt. Next door to Bisgeier, Drs. When they decided to redo their yard four years ago, they invited an award-winning design team from Winter Park Stephen and Kristin Pategas of Hortus Oasis to stay with them during the process. Like Hammersley and Fritsche, the Betzers use a drip irrigation system and steer clear of pesticides.

Proprietors of independent nurseries are thrilled to see a shift toward more eco-friendly planting. He says most of his clients are looking for low-maintenance, long-lasting plants that attract butterflies and use less water. It freaks them out. I say get rid of the lawn. Get rid of the mower. A local pioneer in the native landscaping business, Manlowe, who lives on a boat, opened his store 15 years ago after working as a marine science educator in the Florida Keys.

In addition to selling native plants, he installs and maintains landscapes for clients from as far away as Palm Harbor. Augustine sod for shredded bark mulch, Manlowe recommends widening flower beds and filling them with wildflowers and other nectar sources, such as blueberry and holly. Artificial turf sales are on the rise in Florida as more property owners replace water-hogging, poorly growing grass with synthetic carpets.

A decade ago most people only knew of one use for turf: sports fields. Davis, a general contractor, was so pleased with the results he asked the founder of the company to train him to sell and install the product himself. Since then, dozens of competitors offering varying iterations of artificial turf have flooded the market. This appeals to them. Most high-quality turf has an estimated lifespan of years.

Start the slideshow below. Photo by Heidi Kurpiela. Photo: Heidi Kurpiela. The starfruit tree. Before and After pics of a lawn refurbished with artificial turf.

Photo courtesy Better Than Grass.

The Trees of Tavrichesky Garden: Forgotten Actors in the Politics of Cultural Landscape

Enjoying a lush and healthy landscape is something all of us want to do, but not many people actually go the extra mile and invest in professional landscape design and installation services. If you are a conscientious property owner in St. Petersburg, FL, you will naturally want to find a trustworthy landscaping company. Which is the one locals trust? The answer would be no other than First Impression Landscaping! What can we do for you? Keep reading and find out!

Find a seller financed Pinellas County, FL Landscape and Yard Service related Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Company serving the St. Petersburg area for.


Leave Us A Review:. Google Reviews. We maintain some of the most pristine master-planned communities, office complexes, hotels, restaurants and sports fields in the Tampa Bay area. Our professional and expert staff is trained and dedicated to deliver distinctive results along with providing excellent customer service. We offer everything your organization needs to enhance curb appeal, promote occupancy and increase the aesthetic value of your property.Courteous, uniformed crews use clean, well-marked vehicles and work under the direct supervision of an operations manager assigned to your property. Take the time to view our properties and compare to the competition

Yard Clean Up - Saint Petersburg, FL

Landscape construction is an area that requires careful choice of service providers. Most building and construction firms will claim to offer landscaping services when they are not specialized. They will, therefore, end up not implementing the design of your landscape. JRJ Landscaping is a professional landscaping company that offers you the best construction services in accordance to your needs. We will provide a diverse range of services for all the customers.

Your Satisfaction is our number one priority and we are dedicated to delivering it.

Landscapers in Saint Petersburg, FL

Call:Petersburg, FLFree Initial Consultation. Free Estimates. Petersburg, Florida. Foliage Plants.

Welcome to Jeannie's Lawn Care in St. Petersburg Florida

Though scholars have recently turned their attention to the politics of cultural landscapes, they largely continue to neglect the importance of trees in this statecraft. Politicians, however, do not. In fact, trees in the largest park in St. A closer examination of the trees of this park reveals them to be intrinsic actors, both past and present, in the political use of landscape. In , Peter the Great wanted the gardens of his new capital, St. European spruce Picea albies , Scots pine Pinus sylvestris , and birch trees Betula spp.

We are a pest control and lawn care maintenance service located in St. Petersbug, Florida but servicing the entire Tampa Bay area, Pinellas and.

3 Best Landscaping Companies in St Petersburg, FL

Landscape By Design is a licensed and insured landscaping and lawn maintenance company that serves Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee counties in Florida. We are specifically based out of St. Petersburg and frequently work in the Clearwater and Tampa areas as well.

Workshops & Resources

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Established over 20 years ago, Westcoast Landscape and Lawns takes a Florida-friendly approach when laying down specialized landscapes. Trained arborists customize fertilization and project plans in order to foster healthy and vibrant vegetation. We have maintained a commitment to quality and integrity that shows through every interaction with our customers. We pride ourselves on providing professional, consistent, high quality service each and every day, to each and every client. From our employees to our equipment to our service, Westcoast Landscape and Lawns is a landscaping company with integrity that emphasizes consistent, quality service.

We provide custom landscaping, including Florida palm trees, tropical plants, ponds, waterfalls, rock gardens, fountains, fruit or ornamental trees, flowering shrubs or hedges. Your landscaping will reflect the professionalism of your business.

Pioneer Park in St. This beautiful waterfront park honors of St. Petersburg's early settlers. Conveniently situated between the St. Petersburg Yacht Club and Al Lang Stadium, this shaded city park is right in the middle of all the action. Directly across the street is the St. Pete Pier.

Argentine Bahia , better known as "Pasture Grass" is the most widely used turfgrass for new construction. However, this does not mean that it is the best grass. Bahia is grown from seed which is abundant and is relatively inexpensive. It is very drought tolerant, stands traffic well, and has a nice deep green color, however it tends to go dormant in cooler weather.

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