Texas a&m horticulture department pecan sale

Texas a&m horticulture department pecan sale

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How to plant and grow healthy, happy pecan trees in the Concho Valley this fall

Over the past decade, pecans Carya illinoinensis have experienced slow to stagnant growth as other nuts see continual growth. Given demand, producers and retailers are needing to finding new ways to market pecans. Using a conjoint experiment with market segmentation, the market for several value-added pecan products e.

Three to four segments within the market were found depending on product size. For a 1. The Budget Traditional values plain roasted pecans and has the largest negative reaction to higher prices. The Sugar Origin segment values pralines and chocolate-covered pecans while also valuing Oklahoma- and Texas-produced pecans.

The Sugar High segment has a positive preference for chocolate-covered, and pralines and a disdain for cinnamon sugar, salted and roasted, and plain roasted. Examining the 8-oz package size, there are four market segments. The Budget Traditional and Sugar High are similar to the 1. Demographics and past purchasing are key factors for explaining how a consumer is likely to be grouped into segments. Age i. Although U. Production in —19 was the lowest level in a decade.

The biggest losses were in major pecan-producing states like Georgia and Texas, but the fall in production reflects a decline in all the top four pecan-producing states USDA—ERS,Hurricane Michael caused declining production in Georgia, whereas alternate bearing habits within pecan trees may be the reason for a decreased decline in Texas Haire, ; Nesbitt et al. Meanwhile, domestic demand has increased over the past decade while stagnating during the latter part of the decade.

Per capita demand for pecans has ranged from 0. In comparison, almonds Prunus dulcis per capita demand reached the all high level of 1. Further complicating pecan demand is the current trade dispute with China. As the trade dispute with China remains in effect, there was a sharp decline in the cumulative volume of shelled and in-shell pecan exports during the first 3 months of —19 USDA—ERS,Currently, pecan producers and retailers are looking for ways to drive consumer demand given stagnating domestic demand, lower export demand, and increased production levels compared with a decade earlier.

As such, producers and retailers have looked to refine factors that drive pecan demand, including varying varieties, sizes, grades, packaging, origin labeling, and use in value-added products. With respect to consumer preference for pecan varieties, Palma et al. They found consumer preference for native varieties, even though no evidence exists showing native varieties have any additional benefits over improved varieties.

Other studies have examined a myriad of issues associated with pecan consumption to provide pecan growers with knowledge of which attributes are preferred by consumers. Lombardini et al. Gold et al.

Florkowski and Park examined marketing strategies to enhance sales of raw, unprocessed pecans and evaluated how familiarity of marketing outlets affected consumer purchases of pecans.

Moore et al. Nelson et al. Hinds et al. However, little research has focused on consumer preferences for varying types of value-added pecan products, product origin, or specific farm labeling. Therefore, the main objectives of this experiment were to understand what importance consumers place on various types of value-added pecans i. This was done using a conjoint experiment across two package sizes 1. In addition, demographic and purchasing behaviors were developed for the market segments for the two product sizes examined.

During Oct. Survey participants resided in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, or Kansas. Potential respondents within the database,18 years of age or older and residing in one of the four states listed previously, were contacted via e-mail with a link to the survey.

On agreeing to participate in the survey, respondents were asked if they had purchased nuts within the past year.A total of nut purchasers completed the survey. The sample had a higher median age than the population in the states sampled Table 1. Census Bureau, b. However, this is not a direct comparison given the sample did not include persons younger than 18 years. Census Bureau, a. Census Bureau, c.

Respondent characteristics for the whole sample and sub-samples of a Midwestern consumer survey on nut preferences.

After entering the survey, respondents who had purchased nuts in the past year were asked whether they would be more likely to purchase a value-added pecan product in a 1. Sizing was based on standard industry sizing for pecan packaging in this market. After choosing the preferred product size, respondents participated in a conjoint experiment based around their chosen product. Once the conjoint experiment questions were completed, respondents answered nut purchase, demographic, and socioeconomic questions.

Conjoint analysis has been used in a wide array of applications within and outside of agriculture. With respect to applications within agriculture, conjoint analysis has been used to better understand the markets for apples Baker, , ; Baker and Crosbie, ; Manalo, ; Onozaka and McFadden, , bell peppers Frank et al.

Conjoint analysis experiments require the identification of important attributes and levels. For this study, several attributes were identified as being key drivers to the purchase of value-added pecan products: price, product type, product origin, and label Table 2. With respect to price, the 1.

For the 1. Product types were the same for the 1. For each conjoint profile, both text and a product picture was used to describe the product type. These areas were chosen because of their importance in pecan production. Finally, value-added labels were tested. These labels were important for helping Native American pecan producers to better understand the value and market potential of their products. The specific local farm grown and Native American Grown labels were shown to respondents as a picture within the product profile.

Attributes and levels included in the conjoint experiment for a Midwestern consumer survey on nut preferences. A fractional factorial design was used given it would be unrealistic for respondents to evaluate every combination of the attribute levels. Thereby, respondents evaluated 25 product profiles. A fractional factorial design allows respondents to evaluate a subset of attribute level combinations while maintaining the statistical validity of the design Hair et al. The order of the product profiles was randomized to limit order bias.

The use of a cardinal rating scale allows the respondent to communicate ordering, indifference, and intensity of how much they like or dislike a product Fields and Gillespie, ; Harrison and Sambidi,However, understanding individual-level preferences at the aggregate level may or may not provide valuable marketing recommendations. Therefore, market segments were identified to provide more insights into which products will be accepted in the marketplace. Market segments are created by grouping respondents with similar part-worth utilities into groups Green and Helsen,However, market segments need to be measurable, accessible, substantial, differentiable, and actionable Kotler and Armstrong,Across the 1.

Within the 1. The 8-oz sample results were similar, with price being the only exception. Relative importance and part-worth utilities for each snack model accessed in a Midwestern consumer survey on nut preferences. Examining part-worth utilities indicated that the results are consistent with economic theory: consumers in both samples valued lower prices to higher prices Table 3. For example, an average consumer evaluating the 1.

As expected, the consumers evaluating the 8-oz product were even more averse to higher prices given the increased price magnitude of the larger package. However, the 8-oz sample had a positive valuation of plain roasted compared with the negative valuation for the 1. Respondents of both samples had positive values for all origins except the imported label Mexico.

Both samples preferred the Native American Grown label as opposed to no label or the specific local farm grown label. Using statistical techniques i. The Ward method identified three segments for the 1.

In both models, several segments remain fairly constant as additional segments are added. Moving from three to four segments in the 1. As the segments increase in number, new segments are formed but the three original segments keep a majority of their members. The remaining segments are smaller and do not satisfy the Kotler and Armstrong criteria. Similarly, the four segments identified for the 8 oz maintain the majority of their members until much larger segment numbers are added, thereby violating the Kotler and Armstrong criteria.

Market share breakdown with varying number of market segments of a Midwestern consumer survey on nut preferences. From the results in Table 4 , the use of three segments 1. If there were major shifts in preference structure when adding additional market segments, then the findings would be less robust as the merging of segments with different preferences could cause incorrect recommendations. However, given the underlying preference structure remained the same for most segments with the final segments being split into small segments has increased confidence in the results.

The three segments in the 1. All three segments valued product type the most followed by product origin, price, and label. Conjoint results by segment for the 1. This segment attached positive utilities to salted and roasted and plain roasted nuts, while discounting cinnamon sugar, pralines, and chocolate-covered nuts Table 5.

The salted and roasted nuts received a 7.


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BASS PECAN COMPANY v. com pecans come straight from Texas pecan orchards to your door, Corporate office: Old Fort Road East March 4,

Texas A&M Horticulture Department annual pecan sale

The pecans come shelled, pre-packaged and ready to eat. Orders can be made online here. After ordering, you must arrange an appointment for pick up by callingOrders will be ready for pick up on Dec. For more information on the Pecan Sale, click here. Skip to content. Back To School. Interactive Radar.

Texas wholesale nursery

In addition to receiving Pecan South magazine monthly, the Texas Pecan Growers Association offers monetary benefits to its members such as reduced registration fees for the annual conference and free recipe brochures to distribute to your customers. And TPGA has funded a spokesperson for several years to carry out a multi-state television and radio campaign to promote pecan consumption. Womack Nursery, Hwy. Visit the following website for more information on this topic. Visit the following website to see which varieties are recommended by Texas Cooperative Extension.

Frio city.

Pecan Preferences Associated with Mid-west Nut Buyers

A lot of arboretums are more theme oriented. Here, it is more about studying plants. Hopefully, they are arranged in an aesthetically appealing way. Some of those by nature create kind of a theme garden. Paths of chipped wood lead the way through the acre garden site, which has sprouted a little at a time and serves primarily as an outdoor classroom.

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Marco A. Palma, Charles R. Journal of Environmental Horticulture 1 June ; 30 2 : 83— This paper measures the effectiveness of green industry firms' promotion and advertising expenditures in enhancing sales. Specifically the paper addresses the following three questions: 1 Are promotion and advertising expenditures effective in increasing sales of green industry firms?

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Soil, Water and Forage Testing Fairy Rings from this excellent article from the Wisconsin Horticulture Division of.

Pecans for sale in texas

Question: I have pine bark beetles on my pine tree. Will they kill my tree? How do I treat them to get rid of them? Answer: Three beetle species may be present in southern pine trees: Black turpentine beetle Dendroctonus terebrans , Engraver beetles lps species , Southern pine bark beetle Dendroctonus frontalis.

These popular nuts are "alternate" or "biennial bearers", a trait that leads to yearly production and quality fluctuations. The annual instability in crop supply and quality can cause major problems for growers seeking to develop and maintain consistent pecan supplies in response to domestic and foreign market demand. To help growers address challenges related to promoting and marketing their finicky pecan crops, several state-level marketing initiatives have been established during the past two decades. A recent study commissioned by the Texas Pecan Board evaluated the economic effectiveness of the state-level program in expanding sales of Texas pecans.

The pecan, a Georgia crop staple, packs a much higher antioxidant punch than its nut-cousin the almond. Their goal is to give consumers more information on the nutrient-packed nut and provide pecan growers with long-term profitability by improving their production efficiency and productivity.

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