Varied hedge: 12 flowering, evergreen and honey-bearing shrubs - Jardiner Malin

Varied hedge: 12 flowering, evergreen and honey-bearing shrubs - Jardiner Malin

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Exit the huge thuja hedge! Today, various hedges are planted which combine evergreen foliage, colorful blooms and varieties useful for pollinating insects.

Your hedge then becomes a spectacle that changes with the seasons. Here are 12 shrubs to compose a varied hedge!

4 Evergreen shrubs


  •  Height: from 50cm to 5m for hedge varieties (there are also creeping cultivars).
  • Foliage: persistent, dense, dark green and shiny.
  • Flowering: single white or pink flowers from May to July.
  • Interest: hardy to -25 ° C, many small decorative red berries cover it from late summer to autumn.
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Laurel sauce:

  • Height: 2m to 5m.
  • Foliage: evergreen, fleshy, oval and dark green leaves.
  • Flowering: small creamy yellow flowers from April to June.
  • Interest: its leaves are aromatic, they perfume dishes and sauces. Be careful not to confuse the laurel sauce with the cherry laurel or the oleander which are poisonous!
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Andromeda from Japan:

  • Height: 0.50m to 5m
  • Foliage: evergreen oval pointed-tipped green or red leaves.
  • Flowering: flowers in white, pink or purple bells between February and May.
  • Interest: This compact shrub is a good replacement for Photinia and its very common red foliage.
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Choisya ternata ‘Aztec Pearl’:

  • Height: 1m to 5m.
  • Foliage: evergreen which has 5 leaflets per very thin leaf, unlike the type species which has rounded leaflets.
  • Flowering: flowers in light pink balls in May-June.
  • Interest: graphic foliage and fragrant bloom.
  • Learn more about the chosen azteca ‘Aztec Pearl’

4 shrubs for a varied flowering hedge


  • Height: 1.50m.
  • Foliage: deciduous, long, medium green veined leaves.
  • Flowering: star-shaped flowers in pink or white panicles from May to June.
  • Interest: Abundant and fragrant flowering.
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  • Height: 1m to 3m excluding climbing varieties.
  • Foliage: Deciduous composed of large leaves 10cm to 30cm with toothed edges.
  • Flowering: large inflorescences whose color depends on the nature of the soil: blue in acidic soil, purple, pink or red in basic to limestone soil. Long flowering from June to September.
  • Interest: flowers of multiple shapes, a plant that evokes English and Brittany gardens.
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Shrubby Cinquefoil:

  • Height: 1m to 1.20m.
  • Foliage: Deciduous formed of soft green or bluish leaves, with 3 to 7 leaflets.
  • Flowering: numerous single flowers with 5 petals, yellow for the type species, white, pink, red or orange for the cultivars.
  • Interest: compact, it is ideal for a hedge in a small garden.
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Japan Korea:

  • Height: 1.50m to 5m.
  • Foliage: small thin, toothed and alternate leaves of a bright green. Deciduous foliage.
  • Flowering: rain of small yellow pom poms from April to June, then from August to October to a lesser extent.
  • Interest: tolerates down to -25 ° C, well resists pollution.
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4 melliferous shrubs


  • Height: 1 to 2m.
  • Foliage: small deciduous leaves on the back gray.
  • Flowering: clusters of white flowers in July August. Very decorative round berries, white or pink, which follow the flowers.
  • Interest: A flowering that pleases the bees who visit it.
  • Learn more about the symphorine

Buddleia davidii:

  • Height: 0.60m to 10m.
  • Foliage: medium green deciduous opposite leaves with a downy underside.
  • Flowering: fragrant inflorescences in long, mostly purple clusters.
  • Interest: fragrant nectar very attractive to insects and especially butterflies, which has earned it the nickname butterfly tree.
  • Learn more about the buddleia

Tin laurel or tin viburnum:

  • Height: 1 to 5m.
  • Foliage: opposite, oblong, dark green, evergreen leaves.
  • Flowering: small white flowers in corymbs from November to April.
  • Interest: provides bees with food early in the year.
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Cornus mas:

  • Height: 3m to 7m.
  • Foliage: embossed sheets on the fluffy back.
  • Flowering: yellow flowers in bouquets in February-March which appear before the leaves.
  • Interest: excellent honey and nectariferous plant.
  • Learn more about the cornus

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