Torino tomatoes: a healthy variety

Torino tomatoes: a healthy variety

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With their elongated shape, Torino tomatoes seem to be a classic variety. This is without counting on their exceptional lycopene content!

To prevent serious illnesses and certain phenomena associated with aging, get in the habit of consuming these multi-beneficial tomatoes.

A tomato rich in lycopene

That's the trump card of this tomato! Lycopene is a red pigment that is naturally found in all varieties of tomatoes, but also in watermelons and grapefruits. It is a tetraterpene of the carotene family. That is to say, an antioxidant hydrocarbon, naturally present in the body. Lycopene would have a protective effect against prostate cancer and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The Torino tomato has around 40mg of lycopene compared to 5mg on average for the other varieties. In addition, this variety is rich in vitamins E, C and beta-carotene. This beneficial tomato, also called "anti-aging tomato", would protect the degradation of cells and preserve cognitive functions.

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How to grow the Torino tomato?

Sowing Torino tomato seeds:

  1. Sow in boxes filled with a mixture of soil and sand.
  2. Place them in a sheltered, bright place at a temperature between 15 ° C and 20 ° C.
  3. Once the young seedlings appear, place them in a cold greenhouse or in a cooler, frost-free room. This step aims to harden them and make them more resistant.
  4. When the young shoots have 3-4 leaves, transplant them into individual pots.
  5. Plant them in a sunny place rather sheltered from the wind, once the risk of frost has been eliminated.
  6. Respect a space of about 80 cm between each plant.
  7. Take advantage of planting to enrich the soil with compost and install a stake that will support the development of the plant.

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Regular watering is required but be careful not to wet the foliage. The substrate should be kept cool but never soggy. Then apply a layer of mulch to conserve soil moisture and space waterings. Thus, the lower stems do not touch the ground and are not at risk of catching moisture-related diseases.

Torino tomato harvest

The fruit harvest takes place between July and September. The ideal is to harvest the fruits as and when needed, in order to keep their freshness and their medicinal properties. To tell if a tomato is ripe, you can rely on its color. This variety being red, choose well colored fruits. When mature, their skin is supple and they come off easily. For storage, avoid the refrigerator and prefer storage in a cool room, in order to keep the sweet, juicy and tangy flavor of this tomato.

Torino tomatoes in the kitchen

Purists prefer a drizzle of olive oil while others garnish it with mozzarella. However, be aware that cooking increases the amount of lycopene. The heat would have the effect of freeing the cells. If you choose to consume this variety of tomatoes for its benefits, do not hesitate to make a sauce, a ratatouille, a coulis or even cook them Provençal style. Its elongated shape allows you to cut small round slices ideal for alternating slices of mozzarella. It adorns pies, wraps and pizzas, becoming as good for the body as it is for morale!

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What is the price of Torino tomatoes?

In supermarkets, count around 6 € per kilo. If you seek to sow them, you will find bags costing around € 2, comprising a dozen seeds. Much more economical, sowing the seeds gives you tasty fruits that you will have seen growing with your own eyes, and that is priceless!

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