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Datura: all maintenance tips

Datura: all maintenance tips

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The datura, also called "angel's trumpet" for its magnificent inflorescence, is an interesting and decorative shrub.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Brugmansia, stramonium, dutra, cerataucola
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Rich enough

: Persistent
Flowering : May to September

It fears frost and loves the sun to provide very beautiful flowering throughout the summer.

Planting the datura

It is better to plant the daturas in spring in a mixture of soil, potting soil and soil amendment.
Choose a place sheltered from the wind and sunny.

  • Follow our planting tips.

Sowing under shelter possible from March with installation in May.

If you live in a region where it freezes hard in winter (less than -5 °), prefer a cultivation in veranda or bring your datura during the colder months in a place where it does not freeze.

Datura cutting:

Datura propagates very easily by cuttings, it is the easiest and fastest technique.

  • The cuttings of the datura take place in summer, from May to July.
  • Take cuttings of about 15-20 cm
  • Remove the bottom leaves, keeping 1 or 2 pairs of leaves in mind
  • Possibly soak the base in cuttings hormone
  • Place your cuttings in buckets filled with potting soil
  • Keep the soil slightly moist, warm and in the light but without direct sunlight
  • When your cuttings have reached about 20 cm, you can transplant them into the ground

Pruning and maintaining the datura

Easy to maintain, the datura requires little care but regular attention to watering.

Properly prune the datura:

  • Pruning of the datura takes place in early spring.
  • The datura does not afraid of the size, it can be severe.

Water the datura well:

Water regularly but not excessively during hot weather and put a mulching at the base of the plant during winter.

For potted datura, watering is necessary as soon as the soil is dry on the surface.

Be careful when you prune to protect your hands because this shrub is rich in alkaloids and therefore very toxic.

To know about the datura

Native to Mexico and the southwestern United States, there are around ten species of the genus Datura.

This magnificent shrub has a remarkable flowering, generous and fragrant in the shape of a trumpet.

It hails from the warm regions of South America and will have a hard time adapting to climates where frost is common.

Datura is rich in alkaloids in all parts of the plant. This potent and poisonous substance is very toxic, even if it is used in the development of medicines.

Ingestion of datura causes severe hallucinations which can lead to death. It is a drug and its sale as a narcotic is strongly condemned.

Smart tip about datura

Make a regular and limited supply of organic fertilizer during the flowering period to stimulate it.

Video: Time-lapse Video of Datura Flower Blooming (May 2022).


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