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Linden: beautiful and productive

The lime tree, in addition to the use that is made of its flowers as an infusion, is a very ornamental tree.

In summary, what you need to know

Last name : Tilia
Family : Malvaceae
Type : Tree

Height : 15 to 40 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Foliage : Expired -Flowering : Summer -Harvest : Summer

  • Health: Benefits and virtues of lime

Planting lime

Large in size, it will need space to develop.

It is recommended to plant linden in the fall to promote rooting before winter.

Purchased in a pot or container, you can still plant it until spring, avoiding periods of frost.

  • For plantings outside of the fall, plan to water regularly to facilitate rooting
  • Choose a place at least 15 to 20 m away from a house because this tree takes up a lot of space ...

Basswood maintenance and pruning

No pruning is really necessary but if you have to prune and reduce the branches, do it between the month of November and the month of March but never in frost.

For larger branches it may be a good idea to apply a healing putty to the wounds to prevent certain diseases from taking hold.

Diseases of lime:

Fairly hardy and resistant to disease, lime can live a long time, especially when surrounded by trees.

Here are the main attacks and diseases to which it can be subject.

  • Cochineals: Organic control and treatment
  • Aphids: Organic control and treatment
  • Erinosis

Harvesting linden flowers

Linden flowers are usually harvested from beginning of summer but, depending on the region, the harvest can last much of the summer.

The harvest corresponds to the flowering period of the lime tree.

  • The harvest period is very short and only lasts 2 to 3 days.
  • You have to harvest the flower and its bract, it is the kind of leaf that is stuck to the flower
  • The best time to harvest lime this is when there are a few open flowers and the rest in bud
  • These flowers are then spread out on a clean cloth for a fortnight, in a dry and warm place.
  • They can even be left outside as long as there is no risk of rain.

Species and varieties of lime:

It exists 45 varieties of lime. They are all usable and all decorative. You just have to choose.

To know about lime

The lime tree is known to all for its herbal teas and infusions, but it is also a majestic looking tree.

Its leaves have silvery reflections which give it a lot of lightness, while its relatively dense branches will bring freshness and shade during the summer.

You will appreciate its exquisite scents and the bees rush there to draw the nectar.

Virtues of lime

Linden is traditionally used in herbal tea to calm the sleeping troubles and improve states of nervousness in both adults and children.

The lime tree does no side effects and can be consumed by the whole family.

We also find in the linden flower virtues against spasms and fever.

Finally, recent studies have shown that regular consumption of linden-based herbal tea helps strengthen defenses, especially against colds and flu.

  • Health: discover the benefits and virtues of lime

Smart tip about lime

When flowering, pick the flowers before they dry up and fall off.

Dry them outside and use them as an infusion during the winter with a good spoonful of honey!

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