Radish: all growing tips

Radish: all growing tips

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Radish is an absolutely delicious root vegetable known for its taste and ease of cultivation.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Raphanus sativus
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Annual

: 15 to 30 cm depending on the variety
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary but light

Harvest : 4 to 6 weeks after sowing

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From sowing to harvesting, here are all the tips for growing your radishes. (© photo:

Radish seedlings

The period of radish seedlings is spread throughout the year with a preference for the end of winter, in February-March, and summer, from June to September

Directly in place, just cover with a little soil and / or potting soil and water regularly to quickly harvest beautiful radishes.

Radish to force:

  • Sowing fromFebruary under shelter, frame or tunnel.
  • The first radishes are said to be "to be forced" because early

Monthly radishes:

  • Sowing from May and until end of summer, or even early autumn if the weather permits
  • Sowing takes place in the open ground without shelter

Summer and fall radish:

  • Sowingthroughout the summer directly in the ground, homeless
  • Sowing takes place in the open ground without shelter

Winter radish:

  • Sowing June to November depending on the climate, in the ground
  • Row sowing with 20 to 30 cm spacing between each row
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Radish plantation

The sowing technique is the same regardless of the time of year.

  • Broadcast sowing
  • Cover with a thin layer of potting soil (about 1 cm)
  • tamp lightly

Once the seedling has emerged, it is necessary to clarify. This operation consists of removing the weakest plants so as to keep only the most vigorous every 4/5 cm.

  • Keep the soil clean by removing weeds
  • Hoe regularly to facilitate the flow of water

Of course, you can also sow your radishes in planters, with potting soil and regular watering.

Radish culture

Radish is very easy to grow and care for. Once sown, it can be considered that only regular watering is necessary.

> Keep the soil cool by frequent watering, especially in summer
> Hoe the soil to allow the water to drain well
> Remove weeds

Association with radish:

  • Some vegetables are to be sown AFTER the radish. Curly chicory, escaroles, spinach, lettuce or even tomatoes.
  • The radish LOVE particularly the presence of artichoke, eggplant, carrot, chicory, lettuce, peas, perry, tomato or kohlrabi.
  • In contrast, the radish REDOUTE the presence of squash and cucumber.

Harvesting radishes

Harvesting radish is easy and usually takes place 4 to 6 weeks after sowing.

So it's pretty quick, but it's best to harvest them at the right time to get the full flavor.

> They must be harvested regularly, as soon as the radishes are formed.

> Better to harvest them too small than too big.

> Use the tops to make a delicious radish top soup

Radish varieties

We distinguish radishes to force radishes of every month.

Radish to force:

  • "From 18 days" : great classic, now overtaken by more modern radishes and just as hasty as "Fluo", "Bamba", "Kiva", "Sarda" or "Flamino" but less pungent.
  • "Gaudry" : classic, round root, half vermilion red, half white.

Monthly radishes:

  • "Scarlet Round" : round root, delicious.
  • "From Orleans" : long, cylindrical roots, sown all year round.
  • "Wurzburg" : sown in summer, withstands heat very well.
  • "From Sézanne": bright pink spherical roots, white collar.
  • "National" : round roots, bright red and white end, does not dig.
  • "Cherry" : deep roots, bright red, does not widen.
  • "Easter Rose" : tender and tasty roots.
  • "Fakir" : round, firm flesh, very fine taste.
  • "Flamboyant" : half-long, works everywhere, perfect for beginners!
  • "From 5 weeks" : long pointed roots, to be sown from April to September.

Smart tip

To have crunchy radishes throughout the season, it is good to spread the seedlings.

Sowing every 2 to 3 weeks makes it possible to have radishes always perfect to consume

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