Potted plants: tips for success

Potted plants: tips for success

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Placed around the house or on the balcony, pots are a great way to add color and greenery to your decor.

Whether you want to grow potted tomato plants on your balcony, flower your driveway with lavender or grow an olive tree in the north of the Loire, pot culture will meet your requirements. All plants can be successful in pots, but for this you will need to choose a container suitable for their size, provide them with the light and soil that suits them and water them regularly.

Choice of pot

It should be wide and deep enough for the roots to spread out enough, allow 35 to 40 cm wide and deep to grow a tomato or a shrub.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

> The plastic, light and inexpensive, warms in the sun, but suitable for shade.

> The terracotta has an interesting regulating function but is afraid of frost, so it is ideal for hotpots to come back in in winter.

> The ceramic is decorative and resistant, but it is heavy and expensive, reserve it for the pots that you especially want to showcase, for example near the front door.

The substrate for potted plants

Place a good layer of balls or shards of clay in the bottom of your pot to allow good drainage.

You will install your plant in a mixture of potting soil - or garden soil - and compost (count a quarter of compost for three-quarters of soil).

In the spring, add organic fertilizer to help your plantations grow. Repot every two to three years.

Watering potted plants

The hotpots require a lot of watering in summer, every two or three days.

Consider mulching the surface of the earth to limit water evaporation. You can use clippings, cocoa pods, etc.

Potted plants

If you want to combine several plants in the same pot, play with colors, textures and heights, making sure to place the tallest plants in the center of the composition.

Use plants with the same watering and light requirements. In the shade, you can enjoy the greenery of ivy, fern, hosta or fuschia.

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