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Blackcurrant: small but productive

Blackcurrant: small but productive

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The blackcurrant is the shrub that offers us this delicious fruit, blackcurrant. Easy to grow, here are our tips from planting to harvest.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Ribes nigrum
Family : Grossulariaceae
Type : Shrub fruit tree

: 100 to 120 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Obsolete
Flowering : April
Harvest : Summer

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Planting, pruning and caring for blackcurrants, here's how to improve the blackcurrant harvest.

Plantation of blackcurrant, blackcurrant

Planting blackcurrants is an important stage in the life of your fruit tree because it is what conditions the good growth of the shrub and the future harvest of blackcurrants.

Purchased bare root, it is imperative to plant in autumn taking care to mix the varieties to optimize fertilization.

You can also plant in spring blackcurrant bought in a container, taking care to water regularly at the beginning.

  • The blackcurrant needs sun to produce blackcurrant
  • An amendment during planting improves the yield and harvest of blackcurrant
  • Check out our planting tips.

Pruning and maintenance of blackcurrant

At the end of winter, cut back the old branches of your blackcurrant tree about 1/3, ventilate the center and maintain a goblet shape.

Finally, remove dead and fragile branches.

In the spring, add somefruit tree fertilizer in order to stimulate the fruiting and harvesting of black currants.

In summer, in the event of extreme heat or prolonged drought, water at the base without wetting the foliage.

Blackcurrant varieties

In France, only two varieties of blackcurrant are cultivated, Black Down (very productive) and Noir de Bourgogne (one of the sweetest)

If you want to go further and vary the pleasure, you can opt for:

  • "Royal of Naples" : blackcurrant with a powerful fragrance
  • "Black Edward" : very productive.
  • "Giant of Boskoop" : slightly tart

To know about the cassissier

Whether it is during the April flowering or the summer fruiting, the blackcurrant offers a very good general appearance and finds its place as well in isolation as in hedges.

This fruit shrub offers pretty black berries which delight gourmets of good pies, clafoutis, crumbles or jams.

Rich in vitamin C, blackcurrant is a staple of fruit shrubs.

Blackcurrant is never as good as when it is processed because, raw, it is tangy.

Note, finally, that its buds produce an essence used in perfumery.

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Smart tip about the cassissier

As for the blackcurrant harvest, wait until the fruit is very black before picking it.

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