Cypress canker

Cypress canker

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Cypress canker is virtually the only disease known to this conifer.

Generally quite rustic, a canker attack on this conifer can devastate all of its neighbors if it is a hedge.

It tends to invade the whole tree, the branches of which will first scorch and then die one after the other.

Cypress which turns yellow, burns, scorches and dries.

It is undoubtedly the canker of the cypress. Several varieties can be reached but the most common is also the most sold, it is the Leyland cypress, the Leylandii.

It is a microscopic fungus that creeps under the bark and can devastate forests or entire cypress hedges.

The branches turn yellow or brown, then scorch and dry out in a short time.

This cypress disease is very widespread and can quickly infect surrounding trees, especially when it is a cypress hedge.

Treatment of cypress canker

Unfortunately, there is no real effective treatment except to limit the disease when it appears.

Cut off any branches at the base that scorch as soon as the disease appears and burn them.

It is important to somehow destroy the diseased branches so as not to contaminate the other cypress trees around.

Smart tip

It is best to thin out your cypress a little, otherwise, allowing the canker to spread the tree will eventually die back.

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