A planting calendar by region to optimize your vegetable garden

A planting calendar by region to optimize your vegetable garden

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For those who absolutely want top vegetable production, a planting schedule is essential.

And for that, it should be known that all the regions are not housed in the same boat. Indeed, the climate is not the same everywhere in France and it directly influences the production of your vegetables.

Small tips for a planting calendar region by region.

Oceanic climate

The west coast of the Channel as well as the entire Breton coast and the Atlantic coast are concerned.

Winters are temperate to mild and summers cool to hot. This particularly favorable climate allows for a very extended cultivation period starting very early in the year.

For example, you can start sowing carrots, of the lettuce (under shelter), onions, leeks and radish the last week of February (i.e. between February 20 and 1er March). You can plant your potatoes end of March, your beans end of April and your tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers may's beginning !

When planting potatoes we like to say that it is done when the lilac is in bloom!

Semi-oceanic climate

A good half of France is affected by this climate: from Pau to Brussels, obviously excluding the Massif Central. Basically, the entire western half of France not affected by the oceanic climate is considered to be semi-oceanic. The winters are cool to very cool and the summers hot to cool.

In these regions, your carrots, lettuce , onionsleeks andradish can be sown throughout the March, sooner or later depending on the region.

Thepotatoes will be planted instead end of April at may's beginning except in Aquitaine and Poitou Charente where they can be sown from the beginning of April.

Finally, summer vegetables (tomatoes, beans , courgettes and cucumbers) from mid-may, except once again in Aquitaine and Poitou Charente where gardeners can start at the beginning of May.

Semi-continental climate

Champagne Ardenne, Lorraine, Burgundy, Limousin and a good part of the Rhône Alpes region are affected by this climate. Basically, if you don't live in the mountains and in areas affected by oceanic to semi-oceanic climates, you are in semi-continental climate.

Your winters are very cool, even cold, and your summers are hot.

Therefore, your planting period is very short: roughly end of March, for the lucky ones, in mid-June. In the same order as before: always winter vegetables first and summer vegetables last… no wonder then.

Mediterranean climate

As its name suggests, this climate concerns the departments on the Mediterranean side. The winters are mild, the summers hot and dry.

The cultivation period is very extensive there. You can start your winter vegetables from February 10 and your summer vegetables from mid-April ... In short, vegetable garden paradise!

Mountain climate

Here, it is quite the opposite: gardeners living in mountainous regions are rather badly off. Already, above 1,500 meters in altitude, it will be difficult to cultivate a vegetable garden outside the summer period.

The winters are very cold, the summers cool. Clearly, in the ground, you will have a hard time maintaining a suitable vegetable garden. On the other hand, in a greenhouse, this can be envisaged.

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