Garden cress: easy and quick to grow

Garden cress: easy and quick to grow

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Garden cress is a small, fast-growing annual watercress. Its very small, peppery-flavored leaves can be harvested all year round.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Lepidium sativum
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : leaf vegetable, condiment plant

Height : 20-50 cm
Exposure : sun, partial shade
Ground : drained, rather rich and fresh

Sowing : March to September (all year indoors)
Harvest : April to November (all year indoors)

It can also be eaten in the form of sprouted seeds, or young shoots.

Sowing and planting of garden cress

Sowing garden cress is done in spring and summer, in rows or broadcast, in the ground (or in pots).

Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil, keep the soil cool and then, after emergence, clear up leaving one plant every 10 cm (keep the most vigorous plants)

Stagger the sowing (sow every 3 to 4 weeks from March to September), so that you can harvest garden cress for a good part of the year. From fall, sow indoors or under cover because garden cress is not resistant to frost.

Maintenance of garden cress

This is a plant that, once sown and in place, requires very little maintenance.

  • Water regularly to keep the soil cool and slightly moist.
  • Hoe and remove the weeds.

Diseases and parasites that affect garden cress

Garden cress is attacked by flea beetles.

Harvest of Alénois watercress

Its very small, peppery-flavored leaves can be harvested throughout the year.

Growth is rapid and harvest begins about 1 month after sowing.

Cut off the larger leaves at the base of the rosette, as needed, and let the rest grow.

To know about watercress

Watercress is rich in vitamin C, A and B9, as well as minerals. It is best eaten raw, in a salad, mixed with other softer leaves to reduce its spiciness, or cooked, in watercress soup.

It is also called passing or rage pass, by virtue of the fact that garden cress had the power to cure rabies in the 19th century.

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Smart tip about watercress

Remove flowering stems before they bloom. This gesture prolongs the harvests in species of annual watercress (garden watercress, alénois watercress). It also has the advantage of preventing the leaves from becoming bitter (flowering increases their bitterness).

However, leave some plants to flower and go to seed to collect seeds for your next sowing.

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