Imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’: Empress of the Gardens

Imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’: Empress of the Gardens

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A summer perennial herb, theImperata cylindrica“Red Baron” stands out from other grasses by the color and shape of its leaves.

Imperata cylindrica In summary :

Latin name : Imperata cylindrica
Common name : Straw grass
Family : Poaceae
Type : Grass

Harbor : Tuft upright
Foliage : Lapsed
Height : 40 cm to 90 cm
Density : 6 to 8 feet per m²
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Cool, well drained but not too dry

Flowering : September - October but rare

PlantingImperata cylindrica

To facilitate the implementation of your Imperata cylindrica‘Red Baron’, aerate the soilby incorporating potting soil or compost.

If the earth seems compact to you, you can also add a little sandin order to facilitate drainageand avoid water stagnation. Indeed, once installed, theImperata cylindrica"Red Baron" will tolerate too little water more easily than too much.

Trick : if you want to give an atypical shape to your plantation, use an anti rhizome barrier which will guide the plant during its growth and make it take the desired shape. You can also use this technique to provide an original border to your driveways or paths.

Maintenance of theImperata cylindrica‘Red Baron’

Grasses have a great advantage if you don't want to spend your time gardening: they are virtually maintenance free.

The only operation to be carried out is to shave off the tasselat the end of winter. Usually the month of Marchis the ideal period.

Note that, well installed, theImperata cylindrica"Red Baron" can quickly become invasive thanks to its creeping rhizomes. However, controlling it is not complicated: just remove suckers by pulling them out.

If the foot is really too developed, go around it with a spade and pluck the excess all around.

Multiplication ofImperata cylindrica

Like many perennials, theImperata cylindrica"Red Baron" multiplies easily and you will quickly get many feet.

To get them, take a spade and tear offthe plant. Then, dividethe root ball, taking care of the roots, then transplantyour plants by following our advice.

Diseases ofImperata cylindrica

TheImperata cylindrica"Red Baron" is not particularly sensitive topests and diseases.

Employment and association

Despite its relatively small size, theImperata cylindrica‘Red Baron’ will easily find its place in your massive.

That it is surrounded by other grasses such as Chasmanthium latifoliumwhere the Pennisetum or associated with perennials such as Cerastium tomentosumor the Campanula ; theImperata cylindrica"Red Baron" will do wonders in your garden thanks to its warm colors and its atypical shape.

Credit: Tatiana Alex, selensergen

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