Maritime pine, the Landes pine

Maritime pine, the Landes pine

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Maritime pine or Landes pine is an emblematic conifer of the Landes forest and the coast.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Pinus pinaster
Family : Pinaceae
Type : Conifer

: 20 to 30 m
Ground : Non-calcareous and well drained

Exposure : Sunny or partial shade -Foliage : Persistent

The fruit, the pine nut, is widely used in cooking and that is why it is sometimes called, as such, pine nut.

Planting maritime pine

Maritime pine is usually planted in autumn, but it can also be up to month of March-Aprill outside of frost periods.

  • Maritime pine likes Sun.
  • It needs good drainage and non-calcareous earth. If your soil is limestone, make a pit and fill it with sand.
  • It grows in dry soil and especially dreads wetlands.
  • The contribution ofconifer fertilizer in the spring will dramatically improve the growth of your maritime pine.

After planting, you can mulch the base of the pine with pine bark.

Maritime pine pruning

Pruning maritime pine is not necessary, but it is quite possible to balance or reduce antlers.

Maintenance pruning of maritime pine:

Pruning usually takes place at the end of summer, before the onset of severe cold and frost, but it can also take place after the spring shoot.

  • You can cut the branches of the lower floors leaving at least the last 2 highest floors.
  • Remove the less vigorous branches, those that grow inwards and / or cross.
  • Also favor a balanced pruning by giving a harmonious and natural shape to the maritime pine.

Growth of maritime pine:

The growth of maritime pine is considered to be relatively rapid since it can reach 30 cm per year, or nearly 1 m every 3 years.

It tends to speed up over time, once the maritime pine is fully established and rooted in the soil.

The maritime pine reaches its adult size after about 40 years, but it will take barely 10 years to reach 10 m in height.

To know about maritime pine

The Pinus pinaster is well known for its parasol-shaped silhouette and so characteristic of the southwest with its expanses of moors.

Its reddish bark, like the umbrella pine, is just as ornamental as its stiff green needles.

It is also recognizable by its long needles grouped in pairs, but also by its fruits in the shape of a large cone and its strong smell of resin.

But the maritime pine also has other advantages, since it finds many other uses.

Maritime pine is in fact cultivated in the Landes to reinforce the sand dunes but also for the use of its wood in joinery (framework, framework, cladding)

Diseases of maritime pine

Maritime pine may be subject toprocessionary caterpillars pine

  • In autumn, we can see silky nests of a whitish color which causes rapid yellowing of the needles

There is no real treatment for the processionary caterpillar.

  • You may need to remove the infested branches as you go and destroy them
  • Use gloves because contact with the caterpillars causes stinging skin reactions, or even respiratory reactions
  • The known chemical treatment remains the spraying of Bacillus thuringiensis

Warning ! This attack can doom an entire maritime pine tree

Smart tip

We can recover the bark of the maritime pine over time to make bark mulching.

Photo © Alberto Masnovo, © Pixaterra

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