Landscaping dirt yard

Landscaping dirt yard

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Come to The Black Dirt Company for all your landscaping supply needs. From top soil to compost to clay to rock, we have it all! We offer all the landscaping supplies you could need, from clay and sand to top soil, compost and much more. Find what you need and finish your project fast!

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  • How to Prepare Soil for Planting a Lawn
  • Essential Topsoil Truths You Should Know to Help Your Plants Thrive
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How Much Compost, Soil or Mulch?

Removing excess dirt from your yard can be a major undertaking. Not only does it take substantial time and energy to move, but the costs can be surprisingly high. If you are planning on removing a lawn and recreating your yard into a beautiful garden on a budget, you may want to know some tricks and tips on how to get rid of excess dirt cheaply.

Before you start contacting people to haul your dirt away, it is best to understand what type of dirt you are working with. This means the dirt is composed of soil and rocky subsoil. This means minimal to no roots, no sod, and no trash. Fill dirt is used exactly as the name implies — to fill in landscape areas. Thus, fill dirt has value to landscapers.

If you are getting rid of clean fill dirt, you should be able to get it removed quickly for free or maybe even sell it. Unfortunately, most readers will be dealing with this type of dirt.

Your best bet is to separate your dirt into two piles — fill dirt and debris filled dirt. Doing so will make your life easier if you want to try and get rid of some of your dirt for free. Shake free and strip as much sod away from thicker dirt as possible, and separate accordingly.

These are listed from least expensive to most expensive. It is worth noting that the easier your dirt is to access; the cheaper removal will usually be.

If you have spare room in a driveway, this is your best bet for ease of access and hassle-free removal. If you have fill dirt, this is a great way to get rid of it quickly.

In large suburban cities, landscapers are usually quick to snatch up free fill dirt. I have had a ton of success removing such dirt by posting on Craigslist.

Additionally, your neighbors might have need of extra dirt. Posting on community group sites such as Facebook groups or Nextdoor can be a good way to help both you and your neighbors out.

However, I have yet to see anyone take sod filled dirt willingly for free. You might be able to bundle some lightly sod filled dirt with fill dirt, but not much. Your next best bet is hauling excess dirt to a dump site yourself. If you have a pickup truck or friend with a pickup truck you can bribe you can load up and dispose large quantities of dirt fairly easily. Rates vary extremely by region. Call and ask for their dirt dump rate.

Most of the time this will be measured by the ton or cubic yard. In my experience, walking around and speaking to landscapers working in the community netted the best rates. Similarly, if you can find a landscaper already working a job, jump on the opportunity.

If they already have dirt or trash to dump, adding your dirt on might cost pennies compared to the full rate. Haul away companies that bring a truck directly to your door are going to be a step up in cost. Additionally, they usually will require more details on exactly how much dirt you are hauling away. Your last, and usually worst, option is to go through your local garbage company.

Why is it the worst? So, while contractors and developers might be able to quote this into a larger project, it can be a huge cost for a residential customer looking to get rid of some dirt. Most of the time, the local garbage company will drop these off a day or two after they are ordered, and pick them up a week later.

In most residential cities especially in suburbia , you will need a permit for one of these if you plan to leave it in the street. This will almost always be the case if you have local parking restrictions or ordinances. Most of the time these permits are free, but it depends on the location. Either way, it adds another hassle to the dirt removal process.The next problem is opportunist neighbors and landscapers who see your lowboy as an invitation to add their own trash.

Thus, if you have a lowboy delivered, plan to do your full dirt removal immediately. It sucks, but I have seen this happen with local dumpster deliveries too many times to count. One of your best bets is to see if any local neighbors need dirt haul away. Splitting the cost for removal can sometimes drastically lower the pricing especially for fixed cost services like lowboy rentals. If you have another landscape project or house remodel in progress, see if you can get the dirt removed as part of a bigger quote.

This is definitely a grey area in most regions. If you can strip away sod from the dirt, this can be a great way to get rid of your crappier sod filled dirt. However, be aware of weight restrictions, as the barrels can get heavy very quickly. If you are in an area where the garbage crew dumps your barrels by hand, you can immediately forget about trying this method. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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How to Prepare Soil for Planting a Lawn

Your dirt is the key to having a healthy garden. Here's what you need to know to make the most of it. No matter where you garden, it's worth improving the quality of the topsoil you've got. After all, plants rely on topsoil, the uppermost layer of the earth's surface, for water and necessary nutrients. The more organic matter it has , the darker the soil will look like what you may see sold in bags or bulk as "black dirt".

Whether you simply need a bag of topsoil for your garden or you are completely renovating your backyard, porch, or driveway — Ryser's will make it a priority.

Essential Topsoil Truths You Should Know to Help Your Plants Thrive

Understanding these two types of soil and when to use them can make the difference between achieving your landscape goals and wasting your time and effort. Scientists consider topsoil to be the uppermost layer of soil. In the landscape materials industry, however, topsoil refers to earth that has gone through a screening process to remove debris and create a consistent texture. Dirt is what you find when you excavate a basement or attic. No plants thrive in dirt. Topsoil, on the other hand, contains natural organic matter from leaves, grasses, weeds and tree bark that can help sustain plant life. However, topsoil is not enriched or amended at all, which limits its use as a growing medium. Garden soil is topsoil that has been enriched to make it better suited for plant growth. Amendments may include compost or other organic matter, and some soils — like perennial potting mixes — have added ingredients to encourage growth of specific types of plants. Generic soils vary greatly in quality, as do many of the options at local big box stores.

Simple and Easy Front-of-House Landscaping Ideas You Need to Try

Fill dirt is most commonly used to fill holes or cavities in your yard where rainwater pools and creates muddy, unstable spots. Having an evenly graded yard also helps pets and children play safer by lowering the risk of sprained ankles and falls. Fill dirt is not the same as subsoil or topsoil. Fill dirt sits below these two layers to create a firm foundation for construction. If you try filling major holes and crevices with topsoil, your problems will rear their ugly heads again.

By Budget Dumpster Staff on August 9,

Md landscape supply

Our broad selection of locally made mulch is sure to satisfy even the pickiest landscaper! Order online now and keep your garden protected from the harsh winter ahead. Check out all our mulch varieties today! Give us a call today for information on how to donate to the Feed More Foundation, which helps feed families in our community. Click here for more info! Mon-Fri am — pm Saturday am — pm Sunday Closed.

Utah Topsoil, Compost, Garden Soil, Mulch, Play Sand, Calculator

We offer low prices, fantastic service, and an unbeatable selection of materials. We have everything from rock, mulch, and soil to water features, fire pits, and more. As you look around, be sure to use the Online Calculator to help estimate how much material you will need to complete your landscaping projects. Need some guidance or inspiration? As always, our landscaping professionals are happy to help you Dream it. Design it. Build it.

Seattle's premium provider of bulk and bagged landscape materials. There is no other place in the city that you can drop off yard waste (like sod, dirt.

We've Got your Ground Covered

Circle M supplies the best topsoil and most affordable fill dirt in town. Browse our selection here then make a call or order online for delivery.We also have convenient hours if you would rather 'dig in' to our soil selection at the yard.

How to Reduce the Impact of Floods By Using Landscaping Best Practices

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This is a great project to tackle in the spring, once the ground has dried out. The length of your garden that you want to define and the materials will determine the cost. I have a lot of cool colours in my front garden, so I chose grey pavers with a touch of pink in them for my landscape border. A measuring tape can be used to measure out a straight line. To determine the amount of materials you need for a curvy area, use a rope to outline the space and then a measuring tape to determine an accurate length.

Have some dirt leftover from a landscaping project? If so, you should consider using it for other purposes.

Types of Topsoil

A bare expanse of dirt, rocks and a few dead weeds makes the backyard a wasteland — dry as a bone in summer and a mud hole in winter. Although your budget may not allow a full makeover, there are several frugal options that can turn your dirt-filled yard into a family- and pet-friendly retreat. Planting grass is a frugal option that requires more sweat than money. By planning two to six months ahead as well as turning the pile, you can build a compost pile with dead leaves, weeds, shredded paper, manure, grass trimmings and other yard debris. After the compost pile has completely decomposed, rake it over the entire yard. Till the compost into the soil and water thoroughly. Rake the soil smooth and then scatter grass seed over the entire yard or plant grass plugs.

Call Us! High-Quality Landscaping Materials in Belton. At Cheaper Than Dirt , we live up to our name.

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